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Hi I’m Denise,

Many years ago I had breast surgery. After going through this and getting my life and myself on track to where I wanted to go, I was very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to help other ladies who have had Breast Cancer or required assistance in selecting women's wear. This role was as a Breast Care Consultant, fitting ladies with bras, prostheses, swim wear etc.

This has been the most rewarding job I could have ever wished for and I loved it so much, that when the company I was working for decided to close the Auckland branch and move out of town, I took the bull by the horns and went out on my own to continue to ensure ladies like myself, still get the attention and service they require and deserved after such a traumatic experience.

One of the most important things for me when providing this service, was to ensure I had quality product at an affordable price. This I have done by sourcing medical grade, leading technology products and keeping overheads to a minimum, as well as providing package deals to my ladies.


After working as a fitter for over four years I have had many testimonials and I have listed a few below

Please be aware I will not publish full names as the privacy and respect is of utmost importance to us all


June 2017

Hello Ladies

Denise came to share her beautiful lingerie and breast forms with us at our last meeting.

I have to admit the styles, fabrics and colours were just so lovely.  Really feminine.

I have attached  Denise's brochure for you all.

Denise has fitting rooms in Henderson, over the shore and in the city.

She is also able to offer home visits if you are unable to get out and about.

Denise can help you with finding out when you are due and what funding you have available.

Denise has been on our BC journey also.

Give Denise a call you won't be disappointed.



July 2017

Dear Denise,

There is nothing to show you that I have a big thankyou for what you have done for me.

You gave me my fake breast for free, I give a gift and all my heart.

Much Love

Mele (All the way from Tonga)

April 2017

Hi Denise

The prosthesis you fitted me with is very comfortable and the lightness is like nothing I have ever had before.

Lots of love


Mele: You are so lovely and thank you so much. I have placed this on my office door where I see it every day :)