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Our prostheses range is leading technology, super light, 100% medical grade silicon, incredibly soft design with a natural shape and is provided to you at a competitive price, or as part of our package deal

Our Prostheses range
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Our range of bras is comprehensive covering all the needs of women looking for comfort and style

As we specialise in fitting ladies who have had breast surgery, you will be fitted with quality products that suit you

After a lumpectomy or mastectomy, your bra needs can be radically different than before surgery. Choosing the right bra is crucial in making you feel more comfortable and secure with your new breast form

Our bra styles include: super-soft post-surgery bras, comfortable, secure, everyday bras and COOLMAX®-pocketed activity bras

Bras Prostheses Swim Wear Accessories

After breast surgery a woman can feel emotionally and physically drained, and choosing a breast form should be a worry and stress free decision

At Denise’s Breast Care we remove the worry and stress by working with you to ensure you get what you need and looks and feels good

Impressions shell is a soft partial silicon breast form. This is designed to provide the lightest and most natural symmetry following having a lumpectomy reconstruction or under developed breasts.

Sublime Aris has a soft triple layer design for more natural feel and movement.

This is our lightest ever breast form in 100% natural silicon and sets a new standard of comfort and natural feel, with an intimate fit.

Traditional breast forms drape and move like natural breast tissue, they provide optimal weight balance. The soft film and variety of shapes make traditional silicone a good option for many women.

This breast form is ideal for all water activities, they retain there shape in and out of water and can be used in chlorinated and salt water.

We have front opening, fashion, post surgery, comfort and sports bras

Sublime Aris

Impressions Shell


BodiCool Wave Teardrop

Swim and Activity form

Traditional Breast Form

Comfy Straps


Nipples  Medium

Nipples  Nude

This  breast form is further enhanced with the innovative bodicool wave gel design. Full coverage of soft cool gel provides maximum contact and delivers an advanced cooling effect, while wave technology promotes air circulation between the chest wall and breast form.

BodiCool breast form is made for women who prefer the feel of lightweight and has a concern for heat. These provide a constant cooling effect by continuously drawing excess heat away from the body.