“Denise from Denises Breast Care is so friendly and sensitive to my needs.
I now have three well-fitted bras and a perfect Anita breast form that MOH fully subsidised.
The product is soft, not too heavy and gives the appearance of a naturally shaped breast. I feel confident going back into the office, even wearing v or scoop-necked corporate blouses and dresses.
 I’m grateful for the time and effort given to me during the fitting process especially because it was a time when I was feeling at my most fragile. Thank you

Feb 2022 -Jodie from North Shore

“This week I was able to cuddle my grandsons without a qualm. So my life has changed again – with greater security and peace of mind. Thank you Denise” 

Feb 2022  -Kathryn from North Shore 

“Thank you very much for all the time and attention you gave me during my fitting. I truly appreciate your help in making me feel better in my current situation which has been very difficult for me.
Sincerely, Rosa

Jul, 2017 – Rosa from Hamilton 

“These breast forms are extremely comfortable to wear and delicate against the skin. I no longer have any shoulder or muscle issues and love my new bras as well.

​Dec 2021 – Amelia from Hamilton

“Thank you so much Denise.  You really help my aunt a lot. Although they cannot speak english, you try your best to help and understand them, with patience  and compassion. And you did a great job. They are really satisfied from the type and size of prosthetic breasts to the comfortness and style of the bras. Thank you so much.”

Jul 2021 – Jinxin from South Auckland 

“Thank you so much for making me feel whole again. And for fitting me with the most comfortable prosthesis. I couldn’t be happier.”

Dec 2018 – Andrea from West Auckland 

“Hi Denise… This is Leilah…I just wanted to say thanks again… You were wonderful. You are such a kind lady that made me feel very comfortable. I can’t express how thankful I am… Hopefully my journey will continue to blossom. Thanks again. Hugs “

Aug 2021 – Leilah from West Auckland

“Denise was amazing for me. She was very sweet. My fitting took a while, but there was no feeling rushed. She wanted to make it perfect, so I didn’t have to just settle. I was fitted with the most comfortable prosthesis, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Denise. You’re doing an amazing thing and you’re rocking it!”

Dec 2018 – Andrea from Albany 

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